Caleb's July Round-Up!

Here are some photographs from Caleb's July exploits. 

Caleb spends a lot of time on the couch these days, just watching TV, a movie, or with his family. Here, he's cuddling with Ike. This was a gift from his friends Ms. Patty and Mr. Al.

A nice picture of Caleb that Dad just thought was worthy enough to put up.


Caleb's friend, Mr. Andrew, who came from Florida. Caleb thinks Mr. Andrew is cool because he knows how to fly a helicopter.

Caleb and Dad play before bed time. Caleb loves to come into Dad's den, and hang out with him while he does work. Of course, Caleb has his own drawer in the desk, his own drawer in the file cabinet, etc etc.

Caleb loves waking up early in the morning and then getting everyone else out of bed. Here, he's gotten in bed with Big Sister who obviously was grateful to be woken up.

Caleb plays the bongo drums while his friend Ms. Kim plays the guitar! The bongo drums were a gift from Ms. Kim and he loves them.

Caleb and his Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob, Aunt Pam, and his cousins Robby and Tori traveled from Florida to pay him a visit a few weeks ago.

Caleb, working on art projects at his table. This is something else that he can still do fairly well. He enjoys making pictures for Mom & Dad.

Caleb and Aunt Pam hanging out on the couch, one of Caleb's favorite spots.

Caleb and his cousin, Robby.


Aunt Pam & Uncle Bob arranged for Caleb to take a trip out on a boat on Clear Lake! Here, Caleb enjoys driving the boat. "Sir, may I see your operators license, please?"

Caleb enjoys driving the boat from another place. This boat had a few places you could drive it from.

Caleb walks on the treadmill at Uncle Jorge & Aunt Yvonne's house.

Uncle Jorge plays with Caleb.

Caleb and his cousin, Tori.

Caleb, Aunt Yvonne, and his cousins play silly string with him in Aunt Yvonne's yard! He got everyone good.

Caleb and his friend, Mr. Thaddeus.

Caleb and Dad

Caleb and his cousin, Julianna.

Caleb and his friend Ms. Janice.

Caleb and Mom pose for a nice picture.

Caleb thinks it's just hilarious to take a bottle of powder and dump it all over himself until the room is full of powder. He just laughs. It's cheap, and we're definitely into simple pleasures.

Caleb used to do this when he was a baby! He'd get in the laundry basket and Mom would carry him upstairs. Well, he's a bit big now, but we have an industrial laundry basket and Dad is strong so ... we did it again because Caleb wanted to!!!

Caleb, the banker, whopping Dad at a game of monopoly!


Caleb and Dad playing a game of Monopoly.


Caleb and his brother, playing X-Box racing games. Notice how serious they are!

Caleb's mailbox. This is the box to which e-mails are delivered in an envelope, and from which Caleb gets them.

Mom helps Caleb open up one of his letters with his letter opener.

Caleb and Mom reading Caleb's e-mail.