Caleb the Helper!!!!

Did you ever wonder just how handy Caleb is around the house?

    He LOVES to help with any activity going on...

        And he's very good ...


Caleb is ready for action, with his Bob the Builder outfit ! (Bob is one of Caleb's heroes)

Caleb makes his way to the attic to see if anything needs working on.  (Dad was right there, and only backed away to snap the picture!!!)

Caleb is a great dish washer. He loves to help Mom & Dad out.

Caleb loading up the dishwasher.

Caleb is also an excellent cook, as you probably know from our earlier writings. He takes after his Mom in this regard.

Caleb helps Big Sister with the cookies at Christmas Time!

Dad enjoys working on his car, and Caleb loves to help out! He's very good actually. Here, he's checking the oil level.

Caleb determining what socket size he needs for the next step.

Caleb uses Dad's air wrench to drop the skid plate.