August 7, 2007, 10:00 AM

Mass of Christian Burial

St Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Nassau Bay, Texas


The fire trucks, lined up in front of the Church and positioned to lead Caleb's funeral procession. In the lead is Team13's Pumper, from the ExxonMobil Baytown Plants Fire teams; following was Ladder 33, from the League City Volunteer Fire Department; and, bringing up the rear and carrying Caleb's casket, was League City Engine 13.  Ladder 33 had to make a call before we left for the cemetery - but they rejoined us at Mt. Olivet - how awesome!
Caleb's brothers and sisters, his beloved firefighter friends, of whom he was so proud to be a part.  They assemble in the narthex of the church, ready to process in as part of Caleb's entrance procession.  What gifts of God these men and women were - sorry, ARE - to our son, and to us.

Our friends, Mary and Donna, proclaimed the first and second readings.  And our friend, Deacon Al Casas, proclaimed the Gospel.  What blessings these people have been in our lives.  Mary is Caleb's girlfriend (Could ya tell !??!  Caleb to Daddy, in April - "Daddy, I love blondes!" ) We have known Donna forever.  Deacon Al came and visited Caleb when he was at Texas Children's Hospital.
Our pastor, Father Albert, took such loving care of Caleb - during his earthly life, and during his goodbye.  He had beautiful words of God's faithfulness, and Caleb's life.  Caleb truly admired Father Albert, and loved him, for the awesome man of God he is. How blessed are we.
Deacon Luis, always there for us, assisted Father Albert at Mass.  As you saw on the vigil page, he also did an incredible job at the vigil service.

Caleb's earthly body is brought aboard Engine 13, for the trip to Mt Olivet.

At left, Caleb leaves St. Paul's for Mt Olivet. He is flanked by Firefighters Barbara and Katie on top of Engine 13.  "Watching his back," and standing on the rear of the Engine, are Captains Jack and Ray.

At right, Caleb arrives at Mt. Olivet, his final place of rest. Captains Jack and Ray wait with Caleb, while some his ExxonMobil firefighter friends and the pallbearers assemble behind the engine to carry Caleb to his resting place.

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