August 7, 2007, 1:00 PM

Rite of Committal

Mt Olivet Cemetery, Dickinson, Texas


Caleb's funeral procession was long, long!  There must have been 1/2 mile of cars behind the fire engines at least. The motorcycle police did an exceptional job of keeping the procession together, but it just took a long time for everyone to arrive at Mt Olivet. Everyone wanted to help. The Nassau Bay Police department came to the church and volunteered to help!

Captain Jack, and Captain Ray, and Firefighters Barbara and Katie, wait on Engine 13 with Caleb while we waited for everyone to park their car and come over.  The pallbearers, and Firefighters Ramiro and Daniel, wait behind the Engine.

Caleb is taken down from atop Engine 13, and placed into the secure hands of his pallbearers. The then carry him to his final place of rest.
Father Albert, and Deacon Luis, lead us in prayer at the graveside.
Father Albert prays, and blesses Caleb.
Annette and I had the high honor of blessing Caleb, as well.  This was a very meaningful ritual for us, as Annette blessed Caleb every night with Holy Water. This was his last blessing from Mommy.
A beautiful view of the altar, in the center of the altar circle, captured by our friend David. What a beautiful image.  Caleb's gravesite is located in the "Altar Circle". From his grave, this altar is visible in the center of the circle.