Caleb's Trip to NIH - March, 2007

Our March trip to NIH was number 5 ... it doesn't seem like that many! But we are now very comfortable and used to the routine, we do it almost like clockwork. This trip was very special in that Caleb really came out of his bubble and interacted with the people around him in an amazing way. He truly showed LOVE to nearly everyone he met. The trip culminated with our departure from NIH on Wednesday afternoon, and Caleb jumping into the arms of an NIH Police Officer whom he had never met, and giving him a big hug!!!!  God is great.

Here are some pictures of our trip.

We went to a big BEACH PARTY that the Children's Inn volunteers threw for all the kids! It was wonderful. God bless the awesome people at the Children's Inn, they really make it a special place. Here, a clown paints Caleb's hands with a Nemo scene!

Caleb sporting a sword (Balloon) that a wonderful Clown made for him.

After the party, Caleb picks up the inflatable decor which was scattered around the room and puts it in one place for the clowns.

Even MOM Had a great time! Love that hat, Annette :-)

Caleb with his bucket and tools.

Wednesday night, we were all tired (Caleb having been under anesthesia for 2 hours!)  Here, we share a quality nutritious dinner at BWI.

Us, on the way home, courtesy of one of the wonderful Flight Attendants at Southwest Airlines. Do we look tired, or WHAT?

Ever wonder what Caleb does on the airplane? Dad, can I have (x)? Dad, can I have (y)? Dad, can I have (z)? Mom, can I have (a')?  The evidence, on the tray table!

Caleb on the way home. We were all getting punchy at the hour.  Hey, you're not supposed to use the cell phone on the plane, are you??

Excuse me, SIR, please discontinue use of and stow all portable electronic devices !!!