Caleb at NIH - February's Winter Wonderland!

Our February trip to NIH was full of snow!!! See some of Caleb's memories ...

Bundle up!!!! It sure was cold.

Caleb tries walking on ice. The snow had turned into a bit of a block of ice!

Mom waits with Caleb at the Research Center for Mr Edgar to bring his bus over to take us to the Inn.

Caleb tests his snow legs while waiting for Mr Edgar.

Back at the inn, Caleb works on forming the perfect snowball! Who do you think he's going to throw that at???

Caleb and Dad work to build a bigger snowball. Got the snow part, not sure about the round part!

Caleb behind the Children's Inn, playing on the slopes.

A playground is a great place to play when it's covered in snow and ice!!! Caleb on the see-saw.