Our Fourth Day in Florida
Day spent at "Give Kids the World" Village - Friday, April 27

After two straight days at Walt Disney World, we were tired! So, we decided to remain at the Give Kids the World village and enjoy all the facilities there. Caleb's aunts, uncle, and cousins came over from their hotel and we all had a nice day swimming, eating, playing, and enjoying each others company. What a wonderful place GKTW is ... see some of our pictures!

The food here is positively stupendous! Breakfast is the main meal we eat here; it's wonderfully prepared and very scrumptious!  You can see how much Caleb is enjoying it. Caleb, by the talking tree! Sorry, this is another one of those pictures you have to tilt your head to the left for. The tree snores! Caleb was a bit frightened. Caleb inside the Castle of Miracles. He was given a nice star (which he's holding). He placed his name on it, put it in the miracle chest, and the Star Fairy took it before his very eyes! The next day, we found it mounted on the ceiling along with the stars of all the other Children who have been here. His star will remain forever.

Caleb, making pillows using the magic pillow making machine inside the Castle of Miracles. He made two really nice pillows for himself! Yet again, Caleb enjoys playing on the moving car! This car was quite energetic - upon being engaged, it looks a bit like a bull riding ride versus a child's car! Caleb loves it. Caleb discovered that he LOVES playing golf! This is Caleb and his cousin Marissa, heading out onto the miniature golf course. We played, and played, and played for hours.

Here's Caleb after making his shot. Turn the head to the left ... here's Dad, showing Caleb proper form for putting. "What the heck!!! I was robbed!!! I can't believe that! What an awful shot!"

Caleb, putting yet again. Caleb, cracking a smile as the dinosaur squirts water all over Dad when he sinks a putt. This is quite an interesting golf course.  We enjoyed a nice lunch in the Ice Cream Palace with Uncle Bob and Aunt Pam.

Caleb posing on the Golf Course. Caleb and Big Sister versus Dad in ping pong. Caleb enjoyed this game, too. Caleb poses with Mayor Clayton. 

Caleb poses with Shamu. The good folks at Sea World sent Shamu over to GKTW.  Here, Shamu is wearing a Pirate costume! .