Photos from Monday's Travel to Orlando and a few pics from our first day at "Give Kids the World."

Here we are, as we board our "limo" on the way to the airport! Look how excited we are. Christopher and Natashia in the "limo."  OK, what else is there to do in the morning when stuck in Houston traffic? Our trusty steed that carried us to Orlando. Hey, where's the other wing?

Mom, Caleb, and the other kids walk down the Jetway on the way to board the aircraft. Dad didn't trip while walking backwards to talk this picture! "SIR, there is a $50 fine for using a celluar telephone while on board an airplane!!!" Caleb's first gift upon arrival at "Give Kids the World." His very own Mickey Mouse stuffed animal! He has gone to sleep with it each night now.

Outside the Ice Cream Palace. Can you believe there is FREE ice cream from 7:30 in the morning until 9;30 at night?  Caleb is in heaven!  All you want. Natashia and Christopher didn't hesitate to get with the program at the ice Cream palace, either. Twist their arm! Caleb enjoying his ice cream at the Ice Cream Palace.

Hey, just like the car outside HEB! But this one is much more fun, and, it's FREE! I can just push the button to start again and it never needs quarters! Mom and Caleb in the pool. He had a ball! Caleb enjoying his new Thomas the Train swim suit in the Pool at Give Kids the World. Hint - tilt your head to the left. There ya go!