Our Third Day at Walt Disney World
EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom - Thursday, April 26

We began the day with a special Character reception here at Give Kids the World - Caleb got to make a picture with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto,  and Belle. We then traveled to EPCOT, where we spent most of the day.  At EPCOT, Caleb and Dad posed for a photograph which will be permanently etched into the "Leave a Legacy" memorial at the entrance to EPCOT. In 10-12 weeks, they'll e-mail us the location of it which I will post. That way, everyone can visit Caleb at EPCOT.

The day ended at the Magic Kingdom, late that evening.

The whole family poses for a pic with Mickey and Minnie at the Give Kids the World resort. Mickey loves on Caleb for a little while - I think the picture stretched out a bit, sorry! Caleb waits very patiently with his autograph book for a photo opportunity and autograph with Pluto!

"Hi Pluto, I'm Caleb! I watch you everyday! I love you! Will you sign my book?"  --- it was so awesome, we loved it.. Pluto autographs Caleb's book. Apparently, Pluto needs to visit his optician for an update to his eyeglasses prescription!  I wonder if Mickey carries insurance on him? Caleb loving on Pluto.  Caleb was so affectionate with all the characters. Not scared at all, really loving to them. As I said somewhere else, all responded well to him and some were genuinely moved.

Caleb poses with Alice in Wonderland; she made a surprise visit to Give Kids the World this morning. Big sister carrying the weight of the world!  Mom, Dad, and Caleb pose with the Epcot "Spaceship Earth." 

The cousins pose. L-R is Victoria, Julianna, Robert, Marissa, and Christopher. Only Caleb & Natashia are missing. The family in front of the EPCOT fountain. Caleb was heading towards his morning nap, if you can't tell! We again met the characters at the EPCOT Character Connection. Disney did something special for Caleb; they cleared the floor of the many, many young fans and all the characters swarmed Caleb.  It was very special for Caleb. He asked to get up out of his stroller to hug them (a rare request)

Caleb catches Goofy for another autograph! Caleb rides the monorail over to the Magic Kingdom. Notice the pin on his upper left (our right)?  The nice cast member at the "Leave a Legacy" memorial gave him that. Caleb finds a duck to terrorize.  (Hah, just kdding).  Everyone knows how much Caleb loves animals - here, he feeds this poor duck who is famished.

Caleb manages to track down Cinderella yet again! And it was so wonderful that she remembered him, and his name, and greeted him that way! "Hello Caleb, it's so nice to see you again!" And he saids, "Hi Cinderella, I missed you!" Caleb with Ariel.  He sure loves the female characters :-) .