Our First Day at Walt Disney World
Magic Kingdom - Tuesday, April 24

Caleb with his morning greeting from the Mayor of "Give Kids the World Village." Caleb and Mom enjoying a nice hot breakfast at the Village. The volunteers here are wonderful cooks and treat us so well. Minnie and Mickey greet us as we enter the Magic Kingdom during their show. Caleb was so excited to see the characters!

Caleb and Dad, piloting a race car around the track in Tomorrowland. Dad drove the first time, Caleb the second. Nice picture of us at the Castle. Sorry, again, tilt your head to the left!  There you go, that's it. Caleb and Dad wave to the characters on the floats as the parade passes by!  Not sure who we were waving at, but ALL the characters took a close look at Caleb and interacted with him. See his button? That's a "Give Kids the World" ID button identifying him as a wish child. I think that's why. They were great!

Caleb waves at Minnie Mouse as she passes by on her float. As I said, the characters almost universally looked at and acknowledged Caleb. She saw him! And here is Minnie, making eye contact with Caleb and blowing him a kiss. And do you know what? See the next picture ... Caleb blew her a kiss right back! Here's the tail end of the kiss. What happened next made Dad come to tears. Minnie, seeing what Caleb did, just pulled her hands to her chest, inclined her head, and I bet melted inside that costume. The interaction between the two was awesome. Too bad there's no picture; big sister did a great job getting these two! But that image is in my heart forever ...

Caleb meets his Cinderella in her castle living room! This was definitely the highlight of Caleb's day. Here, Dad introduces Caleb to the princess. Here, Caleb and Cinderella sit together on the nice char in her living room. She was wonderful with Caleb, and he hugged and kissed all over her. We were afraid he would never let go!!! This was Caleb's wish! To meet Cinderella, face-to-face.  Here, you see what we came here to do. Caleb and Cinderella, again, in her castle. There is awesome video footage - if David can figure out how to get it on the web site!

Caleb had dinner in Cinderella's castle, second floor dining room, after his meeting with her. One of Cinderella's nifty rats comes and loves on Caleb while he's eating his dinner. Big brother, too, has a thing for Cinderella. Seizing the opportunity while the prince was off on a war campaign, Christopher shares his feelings with Cinderella.

Caleb has his picture taken with the wicked stepmother outside the castle. Caleb and the carousel!  He had a ball on his horse. The castle by night. Truly a magnificent sight to behold. Caleb was amazed by it.

Caleb and sister preparing to ride DUMBO! Mom wanted one more picture by the castle. Caleb is asleep, and David and Natashia are discussing something or other. Mom: "Uh, hello, attention please!"