Our Second Day at Walt Disney World
Disney's Animal Kingdom - Wednesday, April 25

Today was spent in the Animal Kingdom, although, we really only did one "animal related" activity - the Safari.  The rest of the day, Caleb went around finding every character he possibly could!  He got his photos taken with many of the characters. And they were all so wonderfully loving and doting on Caleb! They truly made his day, and I do believe he made theirs, too - there was quite a mutual impact on each other. Here are some of those memories.

Caleb Joshua Ingram Boy, ready for action under the Hot Florida Sun in the Animal Kingdom! We stopped to talk with Launchpad McQuack! This was the first character Caleb saw today. A nice photo opportunity with Friar Tuck. Notice Caleb's right hand (yes, the one on his right in the picture). He truly loves these characters!

Chip and Dale were absolutely awesome! They worked so well together doting on Caleb. Truly a fun time. Of course, Caleb couldn't possibly pass up a picture with Stanley! Here, Stanley poses with the whole clan. Caleb has not gotten up much and wanted to walk ... but when he got to meet Mickey, he about sprung out of the stroller to get to him! Mom tries to stead him, here. He is so proud of his autograph book!

Caleb continues his special relationship with Minnie! Those two have a lot of fun together. Here, she signs his book for him. Minnie, loving on Caleb! He really enjoyed Minnie Mouse, too. Caleb during a photo opportunity with Dnoald Duck. As we said, he sat in his stroller for most of the photos since he's not too strong on his feet. The characters were great about accommodating this.

Caleb meets Winnie the Pooh!!!  "I love you, Winnie". Not to leave out Eyore (how do you spell that ??)  Caleb was really getting into the autographs by this point. Another example of a Disney Character who really loved all over Caleb, and moved us all. Tigger did a great job with Caleb, and as you can see, Caleb responded to him

Everyone wanted to pose with Tigger!!! Later in the day, we met Lilo and Stitch.  They loved all over Caleb, too.  Here's the group picture with Caleb, cousins Marissa and Julianna, and big sister Natashia. Caleb swims in the pool at the Carribean Beach Resort with his cousin, Marissa. He LOVES to swim! His goal is now to swim without his floaties.

Caleb, with Mom this time, in the Carribean Beach Resort pool. A little bit after swimming ... Caleb had a LONG day. .