Mid-July Picture Update

Here's some of what Caleb has been up to over the last several weeks!

Caleb has a fun program called "Tonka Construction" and he loves to build things on the computer with it. He's quite good at constructing buildings, starting with grass plot and ending up with a building with all the features! You know how much he loves to build.

Caleb and cousin Julianna play in the rain. He kind of got into it. Apparently, Caleb and sister had quite a fun time in the rain a few days before. It's been raining a lot here lately.

Caleb and his great buddy, Mr. Allan, play basketball.. Mr. Allan is an amazing friend, spiritual guide, basketball coach, and role model for Caleb. We are lucky to know him.

Caleb wraps up a building session in the garage with Dad. Caleb loves to go sit in the garage and "build."  Here, he's removing Dad's dust mask.

Caleb got a guitar last week! He is very musically inclined, and he loves to start the radio and strum the guitar. He is very proud of his new instrument, as you can see.

Well, the 4th of July was rainy, but a good celebration nonetheless! Happy Birthday, America. Here's Mom and Caleb braving the rain to enjoy the town parade.

The weather on the 4th did improve in the afternoon, and here's Caleb, Mom, and Aunt Rhonda feeding the fish in the pond behind Aunt Rhonda's house. These are some serious catfish. I think they would eat us if they could.

Caleb just loves Dogs. Here, he had the chance to enjoy them all afternoon at Aunt Rhonda's. They seem to like him, too.

Caleb enjoys his first sparkler at Aunt Rhonda's 4th of July Celebration. Mom helps him so Dad can catch the photo. Caleb loved sparklers.

Caleb enjoying one of Mom's red, white, and blue cupcakes! Yes, I would say he did in fact enjoy it.



Caleb doting on yet another dog. In fact, it appears he was actually kissing it.


Caleb sporting his fancy scrubs that our friends the Ingraham's gave him. He loves to get dressed in these, and stick whoever is around with his needle-less syringes. Picture quality doesn't do justice to the "Dr Caleb Ingram" embroidered above the pocket.

Caleb, now showing off his fancy sweater. This is an aviator sweater that he got when he was 2 - as you can see, it's not a great fit - but he has fallen in love with it again and is very proud of it.

Caleb's friend Chandler came to see him! She usually lives in Florida, so this was quite a treat that she was able to see him while she was here.

And, Caleb's friend Alex (Chandler's sister) came too! You can see how glad he was to see Alex.


Caleb and his friend, Haley, spent some time visiting too. He really enjoys playing with Haley.

Not to forget our friend, Thomas!  Caleb still very much enjoys trains and playing with Leggo Thomas was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.