Springtime brings Outdoor Activities!

Here's a few things Caleb has been up to in May/June ...

Caleb works on his arts and crafts at his table. He really loves gluing things, cutting things, and pasting everything all together. Definitely a favorite passtime. OK, so this is indoors!!!

Caleb swings at the ball!  He loves to hit the ball off the t-ball stand, then run around the "bases" which Mom or Dad has drawn in the cul-de-sac with a big piece of chalk.

Caleb on the swing at the park!  Still loves to swing, every chance he gets.


This is actually a somewhat heart-tugging picture. Caleb wanted to play soccer SO bad, and he went to only two practices before his sudden decline in April sidelined him for the season. At practice, he beamed with pride. Here, he wanted to dress up in his uniform and take pictures. So, we did. It was awesome.

Caleb throws the ball to Dad!  "Hang on, son, let me put the Camera down first!"



So, after the pictures and some soccer out front, we went to our friends the Albro's house ... and Caleb enjoyed a cupcake. Yes, I'd definitely say he ENJOYED it.


Caleb drives the golf cart at Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Raymond's house. What a fun toy! He was actually pretty good at it!  Although, Mom requested to be let off after only one lap :-(

Caleb engaged in one of his FAVORITE outdoor passtimes - swimming!  Here, he's lounging in the pool with Dad and his cousin, Marissa.

Caleb and his cousin, Marissa, in the swimming pool.

Caleb the frisbee player. He was getting pretty good at this game.

Caleb's big brother Christopher graduated from High School last month! Caleb was so proud to take this picture with his brother.

Caleb and his Uncle Jorge give the "Thumbs Up" symbol.

Caleb, out to dinner at a local Italian hot spot. "Where's my dinner??!?!?"

Caleb and big Sister at dinner.