Austin Steam Train's Hill Country Flyer service to Burnet

December 9, 2006


Caleb loves trains and all things about them. Especially, when the train makes a grade level crossing and the arms go down and the lights blink. That's probably his favorite part!  He got to see all that and much more aboard the Austin Steam Train as it journeyed to Burnet. What an awesome time we had!  Here are some pictures of our trip.


We have video, too, but David is still figuring out how to do the Real Video streaming feed. To come soon!



We boarded the train in Cedar Park, TX, and awaited our departure! Look at how excited we are.

Caleb, Natashia, and David - in our seats and ready to go!

Caleb watches out the window as the train rolls out of Cedar Park. He was mesmerized for an hour.

Caleb meets the security Dog on the train. After the dog left, he spent the rest of the ride trying to find it! We eventually told him that he was sleeping to get him to stop looking!

Christopher, Natashia, and Caleb outside a shop in Burnet.


Caleb patiently awaits his grilled cheese sandwich at the Christmas Cafe' in Burnet.


Christopher and Natashia wait in line for Bethlehem Main Street. We waited in line for an hour - it was a very popular place. We found out why. WOW!

Downtown Burnet at night time.What Christmas spirit! I think this is the City Hall/Courthouse complex.

Caleb does his "Homework" on the ride home to Austin. At least, that's what he calls it!