The Final Resting Place of Caleb Joshua Ingram

Caleb's gravesite is a very peaceful place, the perfect spot for him. It is a nice place to go and spend some quiet time with Caleb. His gravesite is located at Mt Olivet Cemetery in Dickinson, Texas. Caleb is in the St Edith Stein section, to the right of the altar circle, almost exactly opposite the right transcept of the cross. The sun bathes his gravesite most of the time, which is perfect for Caleb!  How he loved to be outdoors.

This is the entrance to Mt Olivet Cemetery, where Caleb is. It's very peaceful, and a perfect place for Caleb Joshua

Here is Caleb's gravesite. Notice the fire trucks, and CARS figures on top of his stone. He loved those kinds of things. 

Here is the back of Caleb's stone, with the scripture passage we so loved. This is a view towards the Altar Circle. For a better picture of the scripture, see below.

Here's another view of Caleb's gravesite, from the diagonal.


Engine 13, the League City pumper which carried Caleb on his final journey, sits on top of his memorial.


This is the laser etching of Caleb on the front of the stone - what's become his hallmark "Cowboy Caleb" photo. Little did I know that awesome, fun, springtime Saturday morning when I snapped this picture of him in the upstairs hallway that it would come to memorialize him forever.

Caleb Joshua, the little angel, "working" at his desk in Heaven. Caleb was always "working" - at his table in the living room, out of his drawer in the Den with Dad, etc. This is SO Caleb.


Isn't it AWESOME? A close-up of the front of the monument, before it was moved to his grave site.

The scripture passage which was read at Caleb's funeral mass adorns the back of his memorial. It's such a fitting passage to describe Caleb's journey. This picture was before the stone was moved to his gravesite.