Caleb Joshua's Journey
The General Timeline of Events in Caleb's Journey

Caleb's journey really began the summer of 2006 (around June), when his Uncle Jorge noticed that his right eye was drifting inward ("Lazy Eye").  Not greatly concerned (David had that when he was younger), we took him to an Opthamologist (the MD eye doctor) for a consult.  He diagnosed Strabismus ("Lazy Eye") and prescribed glasses to try and strengthen the eye muscle. Little did we know the true reason the eye muscle was weakening. We scheduled a 2-month followup appointment for August.

As August neared, Caleb's teachers noticed - as did Annette - that he was stumbling a lot more. He would run into things and smack his head on them, fall down, etc. He seemed to have poor balance.  Annette also noticed Caleb starting to drool.  Around the same time, the 2-month appointment with the eye doctor came up and he noted Caleb's eye would not go all the way to the right - which, apparently, is a bad sign and atypical.  Due to the range of symptoms, Caleb's pediatrician and opthamologist both wanted an MRI.  It took place on September 21, 2006, at Memorial Hermann Children's Hospital in Houston. The brain stem glioma was immediately evident, and Caleb was sent directly to the Children's Cancer Center at Texas Children's Hospital, from where his treatment has been coordinated ever since.

The days that followed were the birth of our worst nightmare - but the beginnings of our miracles, too.

Caleb began radiation treatment at the Methodist Hospital in order to shrink his tumor.  He also was accepted into a Phase 2 Drug Study at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland which began following his radiation treatment. We can't say enough good things about ALL Caleb's doctors. We are so blessed.

In late June 2007, we were told that Caleb's tumor had become active again and resumed growth. We completed our participation in the NIH study, and began looking for other drug studies for Caleb. Unfortunately, his tumor progressed rapidly and symptoms became more severe as July wore on.  Caleb passed into the waiting arms of Jesus on August 3, 2007, with his family and friends around him.  It was peaceful, and HE IS AT PEACE!

Caleb is interred at Mt Olivet Cemetery in Dickinson, Texas.