Christmas, 2006


"Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests."  (Lk 2:14)

Santa Claus brought Caleb: a mailbox, a "Diesel 10" (Thomas) locomotive, a soccer ball, and a new bicycle!

Caleb works with Dad on hanging lights. No, he didn't climb that high! The picture angle is deceiving. But he would've liked to!

Caleb and his cousins decorate cookies at the Dickinson Christmas Lights display.

Caleb and his cousins at the Dickinson Christmas lights display. We had a great time!

Caleb makes Garlic Bread for Christmas Eve Dinner. He loves to cook.

Caleb and his cousin play the piano for us, entertaining us for Christmas Eve.

Caleb and Dad pose for Christmas Eve pictures. Caleb was in a playful mood, as the picture shows.

Caleb opens his one gift for Christmas eve. It was .........

A shopping cart from his big sister!!! In case you didn't know, he runs his own store where he sells Mom & Dad (or any other customer) unique toys.

Uncle Jorge helps Caleb open gifts on Christmas morning.

Caleb and some of his beloved Thomas items.

Caleb "shaves" with his new Thomas shaving kit! One of his favorite gifts. He now Shaves in the morning with Dad.

Caleb perfecting his shaving technique.

Caleb works on Christmas dinner. It's a butter knife :-)

Caleb playing with one of his fire truck gifts. I think he has a large fleet of fire trucks now - but he plays with each one of them!

Caleb and his friend, Mary.

Caleb and Dad.