Caleb recently visited ...


Here are some pictures of his special day, which was made extra special because his cousins Marissa and Julianna were able to go with him!

Cowboys rope calves!

Caleb, ready to go!!!

Caleb and his cousins as we arrive and head into the arena.

Caleb and Marissa test drive a new Toyota pickup truck.

Caleb waits his turn to rope!

Caleb, being instructed in the finer arts of roping calves.

Taking a break at the rodeo.

Julianna and Aunt Annette at the Rodeo.

GOT IT!!!!

Caleb, Marissa, and Dad at the petting zoo.

Caleb just loves animals. Here, he tries to explain to a goat how much.

Marissa and her new Llama (just kdiding, Yvonne).

Marissa and a new friend she met.

"What? We have to go???"

Caleb saying goodbye to the goat.

Caleb and another friend.

Marissa carries Caleb to the next event.

Caleb on his trusty mount, Gem.

Caleb loves to ride horses. Here, he's riding Gem.

Caleb on Gem again.

As Caleb came around the turn, he tipped his hat to his fans who were cheering him on. It was quite neat. Unfortunately the picture wasn't more clear.

Caleb and Marissa wait for the pig races to start.

AND THEY'RE OFF!!!! We won, by the way.

Milking cows.

Julianna and Aunt Annette, eating dinner.